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Coloring Fairies Cover

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Color Fairies

A Decorative Fantasy Coloring Book for Adults

Fairies; don’t you just love them to pieces? What, then, could possibly make coloring fairies a more magical experience?

Elegant and intricate supporting patterns and borders, that's what!

Because this book features fairy characters both enchanting and beautifully drawn, plus loads of decorative pattern work, it’s actually a bundle of memorable coloring experiences just waiting to happen.

You can check out some samples (parts of illustrations cropped from the book) by clicking on the Snippet tabs.

Now go grab a copy from Amazon and immerse yourself in some deliciously magical coloring!

Coloring Fairies Snippet1
Coloring Fairies Snippet2
Coloring Fairies Snippet3

This book is in production

I have the theme, vibrant imagery is bubbling up every which way, and layout sketches are increasingly clogging my studio desk. All that remains is a gazillion or more pen strokes till I’m done.

A walk in the park, right?

Well, probably not. My work method is one of slow and methodical plodding. The techniques I employ have me laying down stroke after stroke, slowly building and molding the illustrations until they align with my inner visions.

Creativity for me has always arisen from a place that I see as sacred. I cannot treat my coloring book illustrations with any less love and respect than what I give my art as a whole. Simply put, I find it impossible to rush and skimp while creating these illustrations.


And the book’s theme?

All my creativity finds expression through a gentle form of fantasy art, and this book is no exception. Unique and memorable characters surrounded by all manner of detailed patterns and tessellations will serve to make this book a wonderful colorist’s playground.

The book’s focus, however, must remain a secret until publication. It will be available on Amazon during the first quarter of 2018.

I look forward to sharing my newest creation with you.

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This book is in the planning stages

Planning a coloring book can bring a creative joy unlike anything else.

Huge dollops of fun inevitably enliven the design process where anything and everything is possible. The choices are exciting and plentiful, the promising avenues of expression open-ended and magical.

Work it might be, but yeah, it is fun.


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This book’s idea has almost formed

Creative ideas come in a seemingly never-ending stream. They always have.

My challenge, then, is to sort through the endless inspiring tidbits and pick something to run with. One stipulation I work with is that my choice must enliven the heart and delight the senses.

This is the current stage of this book.


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